Is it hard to learn Turkish? The answer is a definite “no”. 

Turkish is not difficult, but it is different. All you need is the right approach. Once you grasp the logic that Turkish is all about, then learning Turkish becomes easy and a lot of fun. 

The Turkish language is very logical and regular. There are almost no irregularities. Thus, learning Turkish grammar is like putting Lego pieces together. Once you learn the rules, you can predict the rest and keep building. It is not like in English, where one has to simply keep memorizing the irregularities. Also, to make things even easier, genders and the specific article “the” don’t exist in Turkish. 

Turkish uses the Latin alphabet and it is a phonetic language. So, the first step in learning Turkish should be learning the sounds correctly. Once you learn the alphabet well, you can start pronouncing every word as good as a native speaker does. It is all very straightforward. 

Turkish is definitely MUCH easier than some other non-Latin based languages, such as Russian, Arabic or Chinese. Having said that if your native language is one of the Latin based languages, learning Turkish will be relatively more difficult than learning another Latin based language.

Let’s say, if you are an English speaker, learning Spanish will certainly be easier for you, because of the similarity of the word roots. However, this doesn’t mean that Turkish is difficult to learn. Indeed, it is easier to learn than English. For example, imagine a Turkish speaker learning English and an American learning Turkish. The American student will have an easier time learning Turkish than the Turkish student learning English because of its regular and logical structure.

How long does it take to learn Turkish?

This totally depends on the student’s commitment and the circumstances. For example, college students that go to Turkey on an exchange program usually start speaking Turkish fluently within their first six months of arriving in the country. This is simply the power of immersion. However, if the student is outside of Turkey and is taking a Turkish class only once a week, it may take about two years to get fluent in the language. Of course, this time may be shorter or longer depending on the student’s commitment in and outside of the classroom.

There are many reasons to learn Turkish and the NYC Turkish Club is committed to offering the best language education to our students with our unique teaching methodology at a low price. You can check our homepage for more information on our Turkish classes in New York.

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