We constantly strive to find creative ways to teach Turkish effectively and believe that our teaching methodology differentiates us from all other language schools. Below is a quick glimpse of what we try to achieve in our classroom:

Productive and fun sessions

We know that your attention span will significantly decrease after the first half hour and we want to neither bore you nor waste your time. Thus, our lesson plans are designed to make the most effective use of your time, while making sure that you don’t get lost. You will have a very productive 90-minute session every week, during which you will be learning AND practicing a lot while having fun. 

It is not about how long you sit in class, but how much you learn! Besides making the most effective use of your time, we also use scientific learning techniques to maximize our students’ performances.

Teaching is like a stage performance and your teacher matters. Engaging the audience and increasing students’ attention span are the two key factors that we target in our classroom for a superior learning experience.

Interactive and conversation-focused teaching

The main difference between taking a history class and a language class is that in a history class you can just sit back and listen. Understanding abstract concepts would suffice. In a language class, however, just understanding the concepts wouldn’t mean much, if you can’t use them fluently. Understanding and speaking are two different skills. 

At NYC Turkish Club, we teach you how to fluently use what you learn. Hence, we make sure that the classes are as interactive as possible and each student gets to speak Turkish as much as possible. 

Empathy, empathy and more empathy

The Turkish language doesn’t come from Latin and it has a distinct structure. These differences don’t necessarily make it more difficult to learn Turkish – Indeed, the Turkish language is easier than most non-Latin languages. So, here comes in the teacher’s ability to empathize and teach the language in a way that English speakers can understand more easily. However, most Turkish teachers think like a Turk, while creating their lesson plans and teaching the language, and cannot address the needs of an English speaking audience. This stems mainly from a lack of empathy and good English skills. 

At NYC Turkish Club, empathy is the key. Complex grammar constructions are broken down into more understandable pieces considering the thinking pattern of our audience and explanations are clear and to the point. And, students never feel lost in class, as they set the pace rather than the teacher.

Lots of practice

Practicing is the key to mastering any foreign language and thus, our teaching style is based on encouraging our students to practice nonstop throughout the class. Besides in-class exercises, there are also weekly assignments aiming to further strengthen our students’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

This is how we have been teaching Turkish effectively with proven results for many years. You can watch Turkish Hour TV Show’s clip “Learning Turkish in New York” below to see how we apply all these teaching principles and teach Turkish effectively. This clip was filmed in one of our classrooms and broadcast via satellite in 2008.

There are certainly many reasons to learn Turkish and our Turkish classes in NYC are designed to offer the highest quality language education at a low price. 

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