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If you are looking for an interactive and affordable Turkish class in NYC, you have come to the right place. We have been offering fun and conversation-focused Turkish language classes in New York at affordable prices since 2005. We have also been offering private lessons at all levels.

New online Turkish classes

The NYC Turkish Club is proud to launch its new online Turkish teaching program with two new online classes in January (see details below). Our online Turkish classes will enable anyone from anywhere in the world to learn Turkish online in a highly interactive and effective virtual classroom setting in the comfort of his or her own home or office. All you need is a computer, a high-speed internet connection, and preferably a headset with a microphone.

Why learn Turkish with us?

Our goal is to provide you with the best value in New York City by offering the highest quality language education at the lowest price possible.  We aim to achieve this goal by offering you the following advantages:

Sitting long hours in class or cramming for a long time outside of class will not necessarily make you learn any language faster. In contrast, you may start feeling weary and end up losing your motivation and interest after a while. Unfortunately, many people begin their language education with enthusiasm, but then they start feeling burned out and end up dropping their class before they get fluent.


Your time is important to us and we aim to achieve a high level of productivity both inside and outside of our classroom by using scientific techniques. We teach you scientific learning and memory improvement techniques in your first class and then, we encourage you to use them effectively throughout the semester.


Furthermore, our carefully prepared lesson plans and in and after-class activities and assignments are all designed with having productivity and making good use of your time in mind.


We also aim to create a fun and positive environment in our Turkish classes, where you can learn a lot while having fun and not realize how time flies. Our classes never get boring because of the interactive teaching style of your teacher.

Have you ever taken a language class for a few years and never gotten to the point, where you could speak it fluently? We know the feeling!


In NYC Turkish Club, we know that the best way to learn a language is by speaking it and thus, we teach you how to speak Turkish. Our goal is to make you fluent in two years.


We created our own language teaching approach based on the communicative approach. Communicative language teaching emphasizes all four skills - reading, writing, speaking, and listening - although there is a special focus on speaking and listening skills. Hence, our Turkish classes are designed with a special emphasis on improving your speaking, listening, and pronunciation skills.

Most language teachers think in their native language when they make their lesson plans and teach their classes accordingly.


On the contrary, our teaching methodology and lesson plans are specifically tailored to the thinking pattern of an English speaking audience with lots of empathy. Complex constructions are broken down into simple pieces and explanations are to the point. Students never feel lost in class and they set the pace rather than the teacher. You can read more about our teaching methodology here.

Given the expensive language class fees in NYC, we want to make our Turkish classes accessible to every New Yorker. Thus, we made learning Turkish cheaper than learning any other foreign language in NYC.


We currently charge only USD 250 for our online classes and this fee covers all the expenses, including the class materials.

We usually offer the same class on two different days of the week for each level. If this is the case, students are welcome to make up a missed class by taking the other class that week.

We continuously monitor our students' individual progress through in-class observation and interaction as well as with the help of a curriculum-based monitoring test at the end of each semester.


We also benchmark their individual performances in an attempt to identify the opportunities for improvement. This process does not only help our students improve their performances, but it also enables us to raise the quality standards of our Turkish language education.

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“We are dedicated to providing the best language education at the lowest price.”

Watch our Turkish class in action!

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Our classes were featured and broadcast by the Turkish Hour TV Show in 2008

Your teacher matters!

Teaching is like a stage performance and your teacher matters. Your teacher, Mustafa Dogru, hails from Istanbul, Turkey and he has been teaching Turkish classes in NYC off and on since 2005.

Mustafa loves teaching and he is passionate about languages. As a language and travel enthusiast, he pursued his passion for learning and teaching languages, while immersing himself in local cultures around the world – being a polyglot, he studied eight languages and taught English in Guatemala, Ecuador, and Myanmar on a voluntary basis besides teaching Turkish in New York for many years.

Mustafa Dogru Africa
Mustafa Dogru in Kampala, Uganda (Africa)

During his travels, Mustafa crossed all six continents ‘overland ‘ – without taking a plane – on separate trips (see the map) and he recently came back from a several year-long photography trip around the world covering 43 countries on a single trip. You can find more information about his travels and photography here.

“Learning a new language is a challenge and many people never become fluent due to lack of strategy. Your teacher is a polyglot, who studied eight languages, and he will be guiding you to fluency via the shortest path”.

Our classes in the media

The Turkish classes in the NYC Turkish Club were featured as a full segment in two languages by two different TV shows. The first one was by Yeni Ufuklar TV Show on the Turkish state TV channel TRT and it was broadcast in Turkey in 2007.

The second one was broadcast in the United States via satellite by the New York-based Turkish Hour TV Show in 2008 and you can watch their clip “Learning Turkish in New York” above (courtesy of the Turkish Hour TV Show). 

NYC Turkish Club Logo

Our Midtown location

Our Turkish classes meet in a classroom with a whiteboard at 38 West 32nd Street (32nd Street and Broadway) in Midtown Manhattan. Our class location is only a short walk away from the 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, B, D, F, M, N, Q and R trains as well as the Path train and the Penn Station.

Turkish classes NYC map

“Our central location in Midtown Manhattan is easily accessible from all boroughs of New York, and New Jersey”

Two new online Turkish classes

The NYC Turkish Club offers new group language classes five times a year. Each semester is eight weeks long and there are 10 sessions in each semester.

We only offer online Turkish classes at the moment and our next semester will start with two new online beginner classes on January 12th and 16th:

Online Turkish101

*Tuesdays 19:30-21:00

  January 12-March 2

  Eight weeks (10 sessions)

  USD 250



*Saturdays 11:30-13:00

  January 16-March 6

  Eight weeks (10 sessions)

  USD 250



Registration is still open for our new online classes. Please email us at to learn about the registration process.  


If you can’t make it this semester and would like to be notified of our future classes, please consider subscribing to our email list below. We hate spam as much as you do.

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Private Turkish Lessons: Do you need a fun tutor?

If you need a Turkish tutor in Manhattan, we do offer private lessons too. You can learn Turkish in the comfort of your own home or office with lessons tailored to your individual needs.

We recommend taking private lessons in the following circumstances:

You can reach us at to get more information and a price quote.

Why learn Turkish?

Gateway to 200 million speakers

The Turkish language belongs to one of the primary language families of the world called the Turkic language family. Turkic languages have a total of more than 200 million speakers and they are spoken in a wide geographical area that spans from Eastern Europe all the way to China. 

Even though there are some differences among these languages, learning Turkish would be a great start for understanding other Turkic languages. Moreover, many Turkic speakers understand and speak Turkish these days thanks to the popularity of Turkish TV channels in Turkic speaking countries. Thus, learning Turkish opens the door to a vast territory of significant geopolitical importance from Eastern Europe to China.

Not surprisingly, the U.S. State Department designated Turkish as one of the critical languages and Turkish speakers have a significant competitive advantage in the U.S. Foreign Service Officer Test. 

“Learning Turkish opens the door to a vast territory from Eastern Europe all the way to China with more than 200 million speakers”

Turkey: Top sixth global travel destination

Turkey has everything to offer to her visitors, from an ancient rich history and a breath-taking landscape to warm hospitality of her people and world-renowned rich cuisine.  With a 12,000-year-old history, this land has witnessed some of the most prominent civilizations of the world, from the Hittites to the Urartians, the Romans to the Byzantines, and the Seljuks to the Ottomans.

This is exactly why today’s Turkey is a unique blend of modern and old, and East and West with her rich and diverse history. This is also exactly why she is one of the top international travel destinations in the world.

Sadly, English is not widely spoken in Turkey. Thus, learning some Turkish would be your key to immersing yourself in the local culture and having a unique experience with local people. It will also make your life easier, especially if you venture out of the main tourist areas. 

Whether you want to live there or just visit the country for a couple of weeks, speaking some Turkish would make a huge difference in terms of your experience with the local people. Turks are generally warm and hospitable people and they adore foreigners, who make an attempt to speak their language.

A fun language with a distinct structure

Turkish is a fun language with a distinct grammar structure. It is regular and very logical. Once you understand its logic, it becomes very straightforward and easy.

It is also a phonetic language and uses the Latin alphabet. In other words, you can learn the Turkish letters/sounds in a couple of hours and pronounce everything perfectly afterward. Because of all these reasons, Turkish is much easier to learn than most non-Latin based languages such as Russian, Arabic, and Chinese. Indeed, many people take our Turkish classes in NYC just because of its distinct and fun structure.

Turkey: A geopolitical powerhouse

Turkey is an economic and geopolitical powerhouse that serves as a bridge between East and West. She has the second-largest army in NATO and the 19th largest economy in the world. Turkey has been a major trading partner with the European Union for a long time. In addition, her booming economy and young skilled workforce have made Turkey an important regional player between Europe and Asia in the last two decades too. Thus, learning Turkish may certainly provide new international job opportunities as well.

Who learns Turkish?

Many New Yorkers from all walks of life take our Turkish classes. Our students represent all age groups and professions, including actors, bankers, CEOs, teachers, academicians, and Foreign Service employees.
They learn Turkish for various reasons:
Some of them have an interest in Turkey and Turkish culture. Others want to travel to Turkey and thus learn Turkish to better connect with the culture and local people while in the country. And, some of them are just language enthusiasts that like the fun and the distinct structure of Turkish and the way it sounds. Finally, some of our students have either family ties to Turkey or have Turkish spouses.
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