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Learn Turkish in NYC Turkish Club

If you are looking for an affordable and interactive Turkish class in New York, NY, you are in the right place. We offer fun and conversation-focused Turkish language classes in NYC Turkish Club at affordable prices. We also offer private Turkish lessons (Turkish tutor) besides our group classes. 

We invite you to come and learn Turkish in NYC Turkish Club in an effective and fun way without breaking the bank. Come and get a taste of Turkey and Turkish culture in New York!

Why learn Turkish with us?

Our goal is to provide you with the best value in New York City by offering the highest quality language education at the lowest price possible.  We aim to achieve this goal by offering you the following advantages:

Teaching is like a stage performance and your teacher matters. In our Turkish classes, you will learn a lot, while having fun, and you will not realize how time flies.

The only way to learn a language is by speaking it and at NYC Turkish Club, we teach you how to "speak" Turkish. Also, taking our Turkish courses never gets boring because of the interactive teaching style of your teacher.

Our teaching methodology and lesson plans are specifically tailored to the thinking pattern of an English speaking audience. Complex constructions are broken down into simple pieces and explanations are to the point. Students never feel lost in class and they set the pace rather than the teacher. You can read more about our teaching methodology here.

Learn Turkish cheaper than learning any foreign language elsewhere in NYC. Please contact us for more info on our class fees.

We usually offer the same class on two different days of the week for each level. If this is the case, students are welcome to make up missed classes by taking the other class that week.

Watch our class in action!

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Our classes were featured and broadcast by Turkish Hour TV Show in 2008

Your teacher matters!

All Turkish classes are taught by Mustafa Dogru, the founder of the NYC Turkish Club. Mustafa is a polyglot, an intrepid world traveler and a photographer, who hails from Istanbul, Turkey. He also lived in Brazil, Colombia, and Germany, and has traveled all six continents ‘overland’ (without taking a plane) – he recently came back from a several year-long photography trip around the world covering about 40 countries in one trip. 

Mustafa Dogru Africa
Mustafa Dogru in Kampala, Uganda (Africa)

As a language and travel enthusiast, Mustafa has pursued his passion for learning and teaching languages, while immersing himself in local cultures around the world. Besides learning new languages, he taught English in Guatemala, Ecuador, and Myanmar as well. Also, he has been teaching Turkish classes in NYC off and on since 2005.

You can read about his teaching methodology here and watch the Turkish Hour TV Show’s clip “Learning Turkish in New York” above to have a better idea about his teaching style and methodology.

Also, you can find more information about Mustafa’s travels and photography here.

Our classes in the media

The Turkish classes in NYC Turkish Club were featured by both the Turkish state TV channel TRT and the New York-based Turkish Hour TV Show. You can watch the Turkish Hour TV Show’s clip “Learning Turkish in New York” above to get a better feel for our classes. This clip may also give you an idea about how we make studying Turkish a fun activity. 

New Turkish classes in NYC Turkish Club

NYC Turkish Club offers new group classes at different levels five times a year and each semester is eight weeks long.

Our next semester will start on March 23rd and there will be at least two new beginner Turkish courses starting:

New Turkish101 Courses

*Mondays 18:30-20:00, starting on March 23rd

*Tuesdays 19:30-21:00, starting on March 24th

*Both Turkish101 courses will end with a final exam and there will be an opportunity to join a Turkish102 course afterwards. 

*There will be a free makeup opportunity for each missed class by taking the other class within the same week.

***We are also in the process of opening new intermediate and advanced Turkish courses. Please send an email to for the details and the price information.

Want to be notified of our new classes?

Private Turkish Lessons: Do you need a fun tutor?

If you need a Turkish tutor in Manhattan, we do offer private lessons too. You can learn Turkish in the comfort of your own home or office with lessons tailored to your individual needs.

We recommend taking private lessons in the following circumstances:

  • If you have a busy schedule and will not be able to attend the current group classes regularly. We can plan the lessons to meet your scheduling needs.
  • If you have some understanding of Turkish, but your level doesn't fit any of the existing group classes. We can customize the lesson plans according to your specific needs and interests.
  • If you would like to learn Turkish faster or progress at your own pace.
  • If you would like to get more attention from your teacher.

Please send us an email at for more information and a price quote.

Why learn Turkish?

Turkish is easier to learn than most non-Latin based languages. Because, it is regular and phonetic. Moreover, it uses the Latin alphabet and it is a fun language to learn.

It belongs to one of the primary language families that includes more than 35 Turkic languages. This language family is spoken in a wide geographical area that spans from Eastern Europe all the way to China. Hence, learning Turkish opens the door to a vast territory of significant geopolitical importance with more than 200 million speakers. Read more…

Who learns Turkish?

Our students are New Yorkers from all walks of life. They represent all age groups and professions, including actors, bankers, CEOs, students, academicians, Foreign Service employees and all kinds of professionals.
They learn Turkish for various reasons:
Some of them have an interest in Turkey and Turkish culture. Others want to travel to Turkey and thus learn Turkish to better connect with the culture and locals while there. And, some of them are just language enthusiasts that like the structure of Turkish and the way it sounds. Finally, some of our students have either family ties to Turkey or have Turkish spouses.
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